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Sebastien Malomsoki
Carmel Wilderink Digital Product Designer Send Carmel Wilderink an email
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Cynthia Mara Community Manager

Cynthia is as dynamic as you can get! Admin, PR, Design Manager, and passionate music lover—from soulful rhythms to heavy (really heavy) metal. As an Office & Community Manager at Koos, she shares the goal of building a better future. Let’s connect, share stories, and delve into life’s profound topics together.

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Marlen Thieme Service Designer

Marlen chose a career where user research and solving complex challenges for our planet and people plays a huge role. Her heart beats for regenerative design and social entrepreneurship, so she constantly partners up with like-minded people to create impact together. If the everyday urban jungle becomes too much you will find Marlen on the yoga mat, sailing Berlin rivers or exploring new countries and cultures.

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Borge Nilsen Chief Operating Officer and founder of Koos Digital Send Borge Nilsen an email