Learn & Lunch

How to help people escape the debt trap?

1 July 2022, 12:00-13:00 CEST
Online, Zoom
Beginner - Intermediate
Boris Jockin & Michaël Vijfvinkel

About the coach

Boris Jockin – our data-driven lead extracts new insights from complex problems within seconds.

Michaël Vijfvinkel – our real Captain Society, ensuring we keep an eye on our social and ecological responsibility.

Why this topic?

We use Service Design in order to help people in financial difficulties pay their bills. Financial problems are known to cause unrest, uncertainty and difficulties for citizens. However, people are generally less aware that it also costs businesses a lot of money in invoicing, calls and letters every year. We gathered our learnings because helping people and organisations worldwide make a positive change for both defaulters and businesses is one of the clearest win-wins ever!

What will be covered in this L&L?

  • How to prevent your organisation from making unnecessary invoice costs & increase payments?
  • How to prevent people from getting into financial problems

During the Learn & Lunch, we will touch upon different topics, such as: the benefits of focusing on making your customers more financially healthy, increasing payments while decreasing costs and how empathy can improve the way people deal with their payments.


What will be the key learnings?

Applying a Service Design approach in your organisation can make a big difference.
Come to this Learn & Lunch and understand how to deal with financial difficulties and how empowering financial health goes hand in hand with cutting costs.

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